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I am a visionary artist, tattoo artist, teacher, healer, mother and creative being of light.

My love for tattoos has been there since I can remember, and in my early days, I used to come home from school with drawings all over my arms and legs. At the age of 16, I got my first tattoo, and shortly after, I learned the leatherwork craft, which I consider the start of my career because I am still working with skin and needles. 

I also did henna tattoos for many years, and this was a good step forward in understanding skin as my canvas, and it opened a door for me into the tattoo world and industry.

I have been a solo artist for 18 years now, it has been an exciting and rewarding journey, and I am proud to say that I have a very good reputation. 

My clients love my work and they trust me with their skin and it is such an honour for me to mark people for life.

I work privately and by appointment only and go through extraordinary measures to custom design the tattoos that I do. 

Most of my time goes into the design work and the preparation for my clients before they receive their permanent art. 

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