The word Sigil means emblem or symbol, insignia, trademark, crest, stamp, autograph or seal.

Sigils are essentially little seeds that are planted within the unconscious mind. Many things enter the depths of our minds, but not all of them are placed there intentionally, or take root.

What gives sigils their power is the energy and intention behind them, and that is why they sprout and blossom into manifestation. The symbolic nature of the sigil also helps bypass the rational (skeptical) mind and enters the unconscious where possibillities are endless. As the language of the deep mind is symbolic, sigils “speak” directly to your subconscious.

Working with sigils can be very self-empowering. Sigils can help you to take charge of your own energy, achieve goals, co-create your reality, self-actualize your potential and fulfill your deepest dreams and desires.

Think for a moment: *What would you like to do with your life? *What unconscious stories would you like to reprogram? *What habits would you like to replace? *What parts of you would you like to transform? *How would you like to use your will, energy, and creativity?

Most sigil tattoos are private and created for each individual with specific intentions. Sigil tattoos can also be used for their healing powers by placing them in the area of your body where you are experiencing health difficulty. Sigils can also be incorporated or hidden within other tattoo designs.

Here are some available examples of sigils which I personally created from the letters of positive affirmatios:

I Am Full Power

I am the river of infinite abundance

Truth Honesty Integrity

I am full power

I am truth honesty and integrity

Abundance PROSPERITY wealth

Good Vibes

Stay Wild

Sigils I am invincible

I am invincible

I call in my divine counterpart

I am vibrant energy

The best is coming to me now

Sigils Wealth and prosperity

Wealth and prosperity

Sigils i am vibrant energy single

i am vibrant energy


Holy Mother



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