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For a very specific tattoo request, you will need a very specific design. A good design is like map. The client knows exactly what they are getting and the artist knows exactly what needs to be done. Clear and direct communication from the client is vital to get all the information that will be used to create this map. Giving the artist visual references of particular components and tattoo styles of your preference for your tattoo idea is essential for the artist to translate it into a design that meets your expectations.

Estelle works with the shape of her clients body and design tattoos for specific body parts. During the consultation, she will discuss your tattoo idea in full and photographs the area where the tattoo will go. She will take your measurements and trace your exact shape and size and then use this information to meticulously plan your design. Most of her design work is done digitally and with bigger work, she often will transfer it onto the image of the clients body to give them a good idea of what it will look like before they have their tattoos done. A design fee is required for the amount of time that will be spent on design work. Estelle has a waiting list for design work and it could take 3-6 months with bigger designs.

Receiving a freehand tattoo is an alternative option that does not require design work beforehand. A consult or on-line discussion and an image of the part of your body where the tattoo will go is sufficient prior to your appointment. During your tattoo session, Estelle will draw on you and create a beautiful design and tattoo that compliments and enhances the shape of your body. This takes a huge amount of trust from the client, giving her complete freedom to create. This process opens both client and artist to play in the creative flow and it is truly a magical experience.

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